Despite being the smallest of all the Birch House Lakes waters, the 12-peg Doughnut still holds some decent sized carp with commons and mirrors to 16lbs being caught. Stocks were supplemented in February 2007 with over 9,000 small carp which have grown on nicely.

As its name implies, The Doughnut is roughly circular in shape with a central island and is about four feet deep around the edges and around the island with up to seven feet being found in the remainder of the water.

A great place for novices, children and anglers looking to try out new techniques or baits, The Doughnut is one of thsoe waters where you can’t help but catch fish all day if you use maggots.

Developed originally as an irrigation pool for the farm, The Doughnut is the oldest water on the Birch House complex and is ideal for pole or waggler fishing with maggots, casters, sweetcorn, luncheon meat all being reliable baits and bread and dog biscuits again good as floating baits.