The Dove was built in 2016, extended in 2019 and then re-stocked in 2020. It is now 1 acre in size and is situated opposite the Buzzard and adjacent to the Horseshoe. The Dove runs to a depth of between 4 to 6 feet and has a peninsula positioned out into the lake with more pegs provided.


The lake has been stocked with mirrors, commons, breams, skimmers, rah and rudd. There is carp i this lake up to 17lb when re-stocked in 2020.


The Dove is one of the newer lakes so there are many methods to be tried here. Summer anglers find that pole and waggler fishing work well.


Bait on the Dove is similar to other lakes to include pellets, yellow sweetcorn, luncheon meat, maggots and casters. Summer anglers also use prawns, Peperami and tinned meat balls.