As with Doughnut and Osprey, Heron is located behind the fishing lodge and is accessed by a footpath and bridge which takes anglers over Brailsford Brook. Although Pegs 18, 19 and 20 in the corner used to be deep, these have now shallowed up and been colonised by lily pads which makes them very popular in summer.


With some well sized mirrors and commons to the mid-20s, Old English crucian carp to over 3lbs, bream to a reputed 8lbs, tench to 4lbs-plus, roach, rudd and F1 carp hybrids to 1lb 8oz, Heron is also home to a small number of ghost carp and goldfish. The biggest fish to have come out of Heron so far was a 23lb mirror carp taken from Peg 17 on waggler fished pellet whilst the average size of the commons and mirrors is generally between 5lbs and 14lbs.

Method & Bait

Heron is again popular on both the pole and the waggler with anglers occasionally fishing a feeder, bomb or method feeder. This can be a particularly effective method when fishing the margins on summer evenings, although anglers should remember that loose feeding floating offerings is not allowed as this can interfere with other anglers swims.