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Although only opened in 2007, Horseshoe Lake is already proving popular with anglers, particularly those who favour the pole.

Dug in April 2006, it has been stocked solely with carp and holds an estimated two-and-a-half tons of commons and mirrors between 6oz and 22lbs and a good head of F1 hybrids to about 1lb 8oz.

With 36 concreted pegs set 10 metres apart, Horseshoe has been so designed that even when there are two matches on the lake there will still be room for pleasure anglers.

The water got off to a good start when the first match to be held on it was won with 75lbs with 68lbs taking second place, 62lbs third place and 44lbs fourth place. Between them the 20 anglers who fished the event caught over 300lbs of fish. The match record, set in 2014, now stands at 169lbs – the biggest match catch to be taken at Birch House Lakes – whilst pleasure weights of between 300lbs and 400lbs of fish are not uncommon.

Horseshoe has banks which slope at 45 degrees down to the bottom where anything between six and 12 feet of water can be found. Most popular technique so far tends to be to fish the pole about half way down the slope although on nearly all pegs it is posible to reach the opposite bank with a 12 metre pole.

With four islands planted with lily pads, Horseshoe Lake has its own car park with space for 25 vehicles and promises to become a favourite with club anglers. Most popular baits so far have tended to be sweetcorn, pellets