Day Ticket costs

Adults 1 rod: £7.00

Adults 2 rods: £10.00

OAP & Disabled 1 rod: £6.00

OAP & Disabled 2 rods: £10.00

Juniors under 15 years 1 rod: £5.00

Juniors under 15 years 2 rods: £10.00

A maximum of 2 rods per angler are allowed. 

COVID-19: A maximum of 1 guest per angler is allowed.

(children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times)


Landing nets must be dipped in the tanks provided and laid out on the bank before fishing.

No keep nets allowed for pleasure angling. Keep nets only allowed for matches. 

Prohibited baits: boilies, tiger nuts, chick peas, cat and dog meat.

Floating baits allowed: bread and dog biscuits can be used but only on the hook. When fishing floating baits please do not throw in free floating offerings as these interfere with other anglers’ swims

Only barbless hooks to be used. All hooks must be size 10 or smaller.

No braid allowed.


Full details of the fishery rules are displayed on the Lodge.