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The Lakes

Birch House Lakes consists of nine picturesque still water lakes offering 14 acres of water set in a beautiful, tranquil spot on the outskirts of Ednaston just off the A52 between Derby and Ashbourne.

The fishery provides a mixture of pleasure and match angling on new and established water

13 different species of fish including carp, bream, tench and roach are fished from 200 pegs and an 80 peg silver fish match lake.

These fishing lakes are professionally maintained and well stocked. There are disabled facilities, good car parks, toilets and excellent refreshments.



Our most popular water. Kingfish is about two acres in size and holds 35 pegs. The nearest water to the car park next to the Fishing Lodge, it holds a comprehensive range of fish and is suitable for all styles of fishing.

Kingfisher is shallowest at each end of the lake where there is an abundance of water lilies in about four feet of water. A ledge runs around the whole lake before the banks slope gently down to a maximum of about seven feet along the centre.




Mallard and Teal

Also known as the Silver Fish Lakes at Birch House Lakes, Mallard and Teal tend to be regarded as one water as they are both canal-style venues ideally suited for pole fishing. However, the larger of the two – the three canal 55-peg Mallard Lake – has a large rectangular bay at one end which also makes it suitable for either waggler, swimfeeder or straightforward ledger fishing. Teal has a total of 21 pegs.

In addition to a few errant carp, both waters are heavily stocked with a selection of silver fish. These include roach and rudd to 1lb 8oz, bream to 8lbs, perch between 8oz and 1lb, chub to about 1lb, green and golden tench to about 2lbs and both blue and golden orfe and ide.




As with The Doughnut and Osprey lakes, Heron Lake is located behind the fishing lodge and is accessed by a footpath and bridge which takes anglers over the river.

With some good sized mirrors and commons to the mid-20s, Old English crucian carp to over 3lbs, bream to a reputed 8lbs, tench to 4lbs-plus, roach, rudd and F1 carp hybrids to 1lb 8oz, Heron is also home to a small number of ghost carp and goldfish.





Although only opened in 2007, Horseshoe Lake is already proving popular with anglers, particularly those who favour the pole.

Dug in April 2006, it has been stocked solely with carp and holds an estimated two-and-a-half tons of commons and mirrors between 6oz and 22lbs and a good head of F1 hybrids to about 1lb 8oz.

With 36 concreted pegs set 10 metres apart, Horseshoe has been so designed that even when there are two matches on the lake there will still be room for pleasure anglers.



The Doughnut

Despite being the smallest of all the Birch House Lakes waters, the 12-peg Doughnut still holds some decent sized carp with commons and mirrors to 16lbs being caught. Stocks were supplemented in February 2007 with over 9,000 small carp which have grown on nicely.



About two-thirds of an acre in size, Buzzard was stocked at the beginning of 2012 and opened for fishing in 2011 when further fish were added to boost stocks. With 21 pegs it now holds a good head of mirror, common and F1 carp between 4oz and 3lbs as well as good numbers of roach and rudd around the 8oz mark. About three-quarters of the fish are carp.




At three-quarters of an acre in size and with 14-pegs, Osprey is popular with anglers because of the large number of common and mirror carp it holds between 6lbs and 16lbs. The biggest to come out in 2006 was a 25lbs 11oz common taken on luncheon meat from Peg 3 in July.


The Dove

The Dove Lake is open for fishing with plenty of fish being caught.